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  1. page Greek and Phoenician Colonizations in the Iberian Peninsula edited ... Emporion ruins ar {} e located in bea…
    Emporion ruins ar {} e located in beautiful surroundings by the Mediterranean sea, just above the beaches named Playa Moll Grec and Muscleres
    Ampurias,that means market or comercial harbour, in latin Emporiae, were a greece and roman city that was located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, in the region of AltoAmpurdan. Was built in 575 a.C by Focean's colonizators like a comercial sitein the west Mediterranean.
    Se establece laThe Palaiápolis, «ciudad antigua», como un mero puerto comercial isleño donde hacer escala frente«ancient city», was established as a la desembocadura del ríocomercial port where they could stop and trade in front of the river Fluviá. Con la llegada de los griegos, los indígenas se vuelven productores de bienes de consumo que intercambiarán con los helenos por mercancías más preciadas como el vino.
    En un principio depende de
    when the Greeks arrived, the indigenous became producers of consumption goods that would be traded with the Helens for the the most precious goods, such as, wine. It started depending on Massalia, como podemos observar en el gran número deas we can observe in the great numer of ánforas massaliotas encontradas de esa época. En elfound from that era. In the year 550 a. C., según Estrabón, se establece una segunda fundación, ésta en tierra firme, que experimenta un gran desarrollo urbanístico.
    En el s.
    b. C. Estrabón established a second foundation on the mainland, which experiments a great urbanistic development. In the century V a.b. C. se produce una época de gran prosperidad basada sobre todo en el comercio griego, en especial con el aprovisionamiento ateniense. Se establecieron acuerdos políticos y comerciales con la población indígena, que fundó en las cercanías la ciudad de Indika Debidothere is a su situación en la rutagreat era of prosperity which was based mostly on Greek trade, especially with the Athenian provisioning. political and comercial entreagreements were established with the indigenous population, which was found within the proximty of the city of Indikadue to its situation in the comercial route between Massalia y Tartesos, la ciudad se convirtió en un gran centro económico ythe city became the great economic and comercial además de la mayor colonia griega en la península Ibéricacenter as well as the biggest Greek colony in Iberian Peninsula.
    {} Greek mosaic pavements
    There is a main, from which others are born on both sides, that will give the area sacred temples.The rectangular houses are located in the corners of the streets.
    {} Cadiz (Gadir)
    The most important remains are burial chambers of great blocks found in the current shipyards, which appeared the best sarcophagi of Phoenician manufacturing - S V BC. They are highlighting the ruins of the Temple of Melqart, located on the island of Sancti Petri and the remains of the Phoenician channel.
    {}{} Melkart . Phoenician god

    Gadir coin
    Malaka was founded by phoenician in the seven century B.C. , in the stuary river Guadalhorce. They trayed to achieve the natural resources of these region. There were a lot of economical causes that impelled phoenician's sailors to settle there, like the wood richess for smelting furnace.
    Among the economic activities that these colonies developed, should refer to the fishing industry for the production of purple and salting; It was even minting coins. These lands were a border between two worlds: the settlers of the coast and the Iberians of the interior.
    In the second half of the 6th century most of the Phoenician colonies became Carthaginian colonies. The conquest of Tiro by Nebuchadnezzar in the year 573 Carthage became the heiress of Phoenician trade. The Punic Carthage created around a business empire in which the southern coast of Spain played a prominent role.
    {}{} Potery. Necropolis
    {} Phoenician coin
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    Portuguese Explorations
    The Conquistadors
    The Circumnavigation of the World
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  3. page The Conquistadors edited This page has been created by Verónica González, Javier Rodríguez, Saray Gutierrez, Adrián Rodrigue…
    This page has been created by Verónica González, Javier Rodríguez, Saray Gutierrez, Adrián Rodriguez and Pablo de Miguel, students of 2ºESO bilingual section of the IES Parque de Lisboa.
    If you want to know about conquistadors , first you have to know a little about colonizations and explorations' of America. I think you have heard about it but I think it's better to help you with some pieces of information we are going to give you now.
    The Spanish Conquistadors wiki page
    What is colonization?
    Colonization was a process wich taked a lot of time. Europeans went to new territories wich did not appear in any maps discovering new lands and cities wich changed their point of view respect the world between the 16th and the 20th century. The first two countries that started to colonize America were Spain and Portugal but later more countries as Britain, France and Holand followed their stepts and started their colonizations. What do you think was the main reason to this colonizations? Of course, money. This was the main reason. Another reasons were that they wanted some porducts they didn't have in their countries or they wanted to open new trading routes. The posesion of new terrioties was also an important reason because this make the country wich had this territories stronger in politics.
    This map shows us the colonized territories of America.
    SpanishSpanish colonizations
    Now that you know what colonizations were it will be easy to explain spanish colonizations. The first settlement was in an Island 'La Española'. After this, the colonization of central Ameriza started. Hernan Cortes with his soldiers conquered the Aztec Empire. When the Aztec and the Maya empires were destroyed in central America, the colonos founded the Vicerroyalty of Nueva España the 12th of October of 1535, its territories involved central America, Mexico and the south part of what now is USA. After this, the colonization of south America started. Now, what do you think that happened here? The same as in Central America. The Inca empire was destroyed and the Incas were somited to a lot of hard works. In this way three new viceroyalties were created: Peru's vicerroyalty, New Granada's vicerroyalty and Río de la Plata's vicerroyalty. Spanish domain of this territories was extended until the begginig oh the 19th century. During this 300 years, America a rich territorie wtih a lot of natural sources became provider of rew materials and important metals to Spain and to the rest of Europe. This materials allowed to finance a lot of battles in the european continent. Altought the main objective in America was the evangelization of the natives, the colones subjected them to all types of abuses, harassment and humiliations. Can you believe it? Their objective was to help the indians but they did the opposite. But that's not all. Continue reading and you'll see. Because of that , all the population had to work as slaves to stablish the demand of important metals and raw materials. So, the natives were abused but they also were used as slaves. What do you think they did? They attended a lot of rebelions agaisnt the colones, some rebelions as Tupac Amarú and Tupac Katari. This rebelions will brought some uprisings for independence. Now you know about Spanish colonizations.
    How did conquistadors conquered America?
    The conquistadors defeated the native empires thanks to two reasons:
    {} Spanish conqusitadors had new technological advances, such as firearms, and steel , that native people didn´t know.Also horse were important because indigenous people didn´t know they exist,so they were afraid of them, and conquistadors attacked and moved fasters than native soldiers. The indigenous nations knew how to work metals, but only two cultures,the Quechuas and P´urhépecha used them to weapons.The other civilizations used the metals to make religious and arctistic figuresso they only figthted with weapons of wood, flint and obsidian. Also cosquistadors used the enmity between empires to form alliances and have good armies.The army with which Hernán Cortés attacked Tenochtitlan (capital of the Aztec Empire) was composed of 200,000 soldiers, of which fewer than 1% were Spanishs.In some cultures, they believed that new people from foreing worlds will come to their territories, so, when they saw the spanish people, they believed the leyend and considerated them as divinities.
    If you want to know more about this topic follow us on our wiki
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    2.3- Roman monuments
    Spain Explores and Colonises the World
    Preparations for Columbus' First Voyage
    Reasons for Exploring the World
    Pre-Columbian Civilizations in America
    Portuguese Explorations
    The Conquistadors
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  1. page home edited ... This wiki has been created as the student's work space for the Comenius project "The mutu…
    This wiki has been created as the student's work space for the Comenius project "The mutual cultural influence of colonization and migration"
    It is been coordinated by the teachers Sira García and María Jesús Campos and created by students from 2º and 3º ESO of IES Parque de Lisboa (Alcorcón, Spain).

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  1. page 2- The romanization of the Iberian Peninsula edited ... 3.Conquest of the peninsular north(29-19 b.C.): The end of the conquest came in times of Augu…
    3.Conquest of the peninsular north(29-19 b.C.):
    The end of the conquest came in times of Augusto, the first Roman emperor, with the domination of galaicos, astures, cántabros y vascones (Cantabrian wars).
    {} Stages of the conquest
    Territorial Organization:
    In a beginning the territorial organization was divided in two provinces: The Hispania Citerior and The Hispania Uterior.
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