This page was created by Yaiza Moreno Yébenes, student from IES Parque de Lisboa (Alcorcón, Spain)

My Country Facts

General Information:

Official country name:

Republic of Bulgaria.

Year that country joined the UN:



  1. What are the people from the country called?

The people from Bulgaria are call Bulgarian.

2. What is the official language? What other languages do people speak?
85% of the approximate 8´7 population of Bulgaria speak Bulgarian, 2´5% speak Macedonian.Other minority languages include Romani and Turkish.

3. What is the most-practiced religion?
The most-practiced religion is Christianity. (Bulgarian Orthodox Christianity)

4. Hoy many in habitants live in your country? (Aprox)
7.604.687 inhabitants.


  1. What is the name of the leader of your country?

The leader of my country is the president Georgi Parnavov and the first minister Simeon II of Bulgaria.

2. What type of government is the country ruled by?
The government in Bulgaria is ruled by democracy.
Simeon II of Bulagaria would not restore the monarchy.

3. What are the main political parties of the country?
Bulgaria has a system.

4. Was your country ever a colony? If so, when did it gain its independence?
My Country ever no a colony.


  1. Where is the country?

Bulgaria is a country in Southerm Europe.

2. What other nations border the country?
Other Nations border the country are: Romania, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, The Dead sea.

3. What Kind of landscape does the country have?
The country og Bulgaria have a Mountainous landscape.

4. What is the climate in your country?
Bulgaria has a Temperature climate, with cold winters and hot summers.


1. What is the most common sector of employment in the country?

2. What is the unemployment rate in your country?
The unemployment rate in Bulgaria is 9.26% in June 2010.

3. How many people are poor in the country?
636000 aprox.