This page has been created by Lidia San Juan, student from the IES Parque de Lisboa (Alcorcón, Spain)

My Country Facts

General Information:

Official country name:

French Republic

Year that the country joined the UN:



1.What are the people from the country called?
People from France are called French.

2.What is the official language?What other languages do people speak?
The official language is French,but there are some dialects(Provencal,Alsatian,Breton,Corsican,Catalan,Basque,Flemish).

3.What is the most practiced religion?
Roman Catholic 85%-88%, Protestant 2%,Jewish 1%,Muslim 5%.10%,unafillated 4%.

4.How many inhabitants does it have?
Total population:64,420,073.


1.What is the name of the leader of the country?
President Nicolas Sarkozy.

2.Whay type of government is the county ruled by(i.e. monarchy,democracy,dictatosrship)?
It is a Republic.The Republic is a form of government in which the head of government is not a monarch.

3.What are the main political parties of the country(socialist party,communist party,green party,republicans,democrats,etc)?
Democratic and Social European Rally or RDSE,Democratic Movement or MoDem,French Communist Party or PCF,Greens,Left Party or Pg,Left Radical party or PRG.

4.Was your country ever a colony? If so, when did it gain its independence?
France wasn't a colony.

5.How is the government of the coutry divided into?
The national government of France is divided into an executive, a legislative and a judicial branch. The president shares executive power with his appointee, the Prime Minster.


1.Where is the country?
France is located in western Europe,bordering the Bay of Biscay and English Channel,between Belgium and Spain.

2.What other nations border the country?

3.What kind of landscape does the country have?
France is mostly plains (especially on the Western side) or low raised plateaus with an altitude less than 300 metres.

4.How is the climate like?
Generally cool winters and mild summers,but mild winters and hot summers along the Mediterranean;occasional strong,cold,dry,north-to-north westerly wind know as mistral.


1.What is the most common sector of employment in the country?
Agriculture: 1,8%
Industry: 19,3%
Services: 78,9%

2.What is the unemplyement rate in your country (by percentage)?

3.What is the labor force in your country?
Agriculture: 3,8%
Industry: 24,3%
Services: 71,8%

The most surprising thing I learned about my country was:
It has many dialects.