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Country Facts

General information:

Official country name:

The Hellenic Republic of Greece

Year that country join the UN:



What are the people from the country called?
They are called Greeks.
What is the official language? what other languages did people speak?
Is Greek, there are a lot of other languages but only the pomaco, gypsy and turkish.

What is the most-practiced religion?
There isn´t one most practiced religion, there is there orthodox Greek church, Muslims, and catholics there are also some protestants.

What are the most important people which have born in Greece?
Great people from different professions have born in Greece. philosophers as: Aristoteles, Sócrates or Platón ; mathematics as: Arquímedes or Euclides; Great generals and emperors as: Charlemagne or Alcíbiades or Writers as: Eurípides.


What is the name of the lider of the country?
The name of the leader of the country is Carlos pupilas in Greek Karolos papoulias.

What type of government is the country ruled by?
It is a parliamentary republic.

What are the main political parties of the country?
The two main political parties : The New democracy and the palenhellic socialist movement.

Was your country ever a colony?. if so when did it gain its independence.
It wasn´t a colony, it was an Empire which became its own country in 1829.

Which foreign relations does your country have?
Greece has some foreign relations with Cyprus, Albania, Turkey and The Republic of Macedonia.


Where is the country?
It is in southern Europe.

What other nations bordered the country?
It is bordered by Albania, The Republic of Macedonia, Turkey and Bulgaria.

What kind of landscape does the country have?
It is a mountainous, peninsular mainland jutting out into the sea at the southern end of the Balkans.

What kind o climate does your country have?
It can be categorized into three climates: The Mediterranean, The Alpine and the Temperate.


What is the most common sector of employment in the country?
It is Tourism, especially maritime industry.

What is the unemployment rate in your country?
Greece is facing problems with unemployment. From o to 14 year old the percentage is 14.3%, from 15 to 64 years old is of 66.6% and of 64 in advantage is of 6.9%

How is the economy nowadays in Greece?
Nowadays they are suffering a huge crisis.

The most thing i learned about my country was:
It was its name I would never think that Greece its called The Hellenic Republic of Greece, it is also called hellas to abbreviate