This page has been created by Alba Morán García, student from IES Parque de Lisboa (Alcorcón, Madrid)

My Country Facts.

General Information:

Official country name:


Year that country joined the UN:



1.What are the people of the country called? (i.e. Mali-Malian, Spain-Spanish)
They are called Hungarians.
2.What is the official language?What other languages do people speak?
93.6% of the people speak Hungarian and the rest unspecified languages.
3.What is the most-practiced religion?
The most practiced religion is Roman-Catholic.
4.What is the Age-structure?
· 0-14 years= 15%
·15-64 years= 69.3%
· 65 years and over= 15.8%


1.What is the name of the leader of the country?
President Pal SCHIMTT.
2.What tipe of goverment is the country ruled by ( i.e. monarchy, democracy, dictatorship)?
A parliamentary democracy.
3.What are the main political parties of the country (socialist party, communist party, green party, republicans, democarts, etc)?
Christian democratic People´s Party, Alliance of free democrats, Hungarian civil alliance, Hungarian democratic forum, Hungarian socialst party, Movement for a better Hungary and Politics can be different.
4.Was your country ever a colony? If so, when did it gain its independence?
Yes it was, it gains it independence the 16th of Novembre of 1918.
5.What does the flag look like??
It has 3 equal horizontal bands of red (top) white an green.


1.Where is the country? (i.e. continent and region, for example Central Europe of North Africa)
The country is in Central Europe.
2.What other nations border the country?
The countries that border Hungary are Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.
3.What kind of landscape does the country have?
Its is mostly flat to rolling plains and it has low mountains on the Slovaquian border.
4.What kind of climate does it have?
The temperatures are usually cold, cloudy. It has humid winters and warm summers.


1.What is the most common sector of employement in the country? (i.e. business, agriculture and farming, goverment jobs, etc)
The most common sector of employement is services with a 63.4% of people working.
2.What is the unemployement rate of your country (by percentage)?
Is 10.8%
3.What is the percentage of contribution of its sectors?
·Agriculture: 2.8%
·Industry: 34.7%
·Services: 62.5%

The most surprising thing I learned about my country was: that it was a colony.