This page was created by Alvaro Sanchez, student from IES Parque de Lisboa (Alcorcón, Spain)

My Country Facts:

General information:

Official country name:

The Republic of Italy.

Year that country joied the UN:

Italy joined in 1995


1.What are the people from the country called?

2.What is the official language?What other languages do people speak?

3.What is the most practised religion?
Catholtcism: 91.6%, none: 5.8%, Islam:1.9%, Buddhism:0.3%, HInduism;0.2, Sikhism:0.1% and Judaism:0.1%

4.What is the population of the country?
It is estimated in 60.4 million.


1.What is the name of the leader of the country?
Giorgio Napolitano is thePresident of the Italian Republic, whilst Silvio Berlusconi is the nation's Prime Minister (President of the Council of Ministers).

2.What type of governmet is the coutry ruled by(i.e monarchy, democracy, dictatorship)?
The type of government in Italy is a democratic republic

3.What are the main political parties of the country ( socialist party, communist party, green party, republicans, democrats, etc?)
The main politicals parties are: the People of Freedom(Il Popolo della Libertà), the Democratic Party (Partito Democratico), Lega Nord (North League), Future and Freedom (Futuro e Libertà), Italy of Values (Italia dei Valori), Union of Christian and Centre Democrats (Unione dei Democratici Cristiani e di Centro).
4.Was your country ever a colony?If so, when did it ain its independece?
Italy was never a colony, but it was a monarchy and it became a republic in 1946.
5.When is Italy going to hold the next elections?
In theory the elections will be held in 2013.