This page was created by Tania Rodriguez, student from the IES Parque de Lisboa (Alcorcón, Madrid)

My Country Facts

General Information:

Official country name:

Portuguese Republic

Year that country joied the UN :



1.What are the people from the country called(i.e Mali-Malian, Spain-Spanish)
They are called Portuguese

2.What is the official language?What other languages do people speak?
Portugues(official),Mirandese(Official, but locally used)

3.What is the most practised religion?
Roman Catholic 84.5%, Chrisitan 2.2%, other 0.3%, unkown 9% none 3.9%.

4.What is the population of the country?
The population of the countri is about 10.7 million (2009)


1.What is the name of the leader of the country?
The name of the leader of the country is Anibel Cavaco Silva, since the 9th of March 2006.

2.What type of govermet is the coutry ruled by(i.e monarchy, democracy, dictatorship?)
The country is ruled by a republic parliamentary democracy.Is a political system in which the legislature (parliament) selects the goverment- a prime minister premier or chancellor along with the cabinet minister- accordin to party strenght as expressed in elections, by this system, the goverment adquires a dual responsability to the people as well as to the parliament.

3.What are the main political parties of the country ( socialist party, communist party, green party, republicans, democrats, etc?)
The main politicals parties are: the Democratic and the social center(Paulo Protas), the socialist party ( Jose Socrates),the social democratic party ( Pedro Manuel) etc.

4.Was your country ever a colony?If so, when did it ain its independece?
It was called the Kingdom of Portugal sice 1143, but the 5th of October 1910, it became independent as a republic country.

5.When Prtugal is going to hold the next elections?
President is elect for five years term, the las ones were in January 2006 so the next will be in January 2011.


1.Where is the country?(i.e. continentr and reion, for Central Europe or North Africa)
the country is located in Southwester Europe, boarderig the North Atlantic ocean, and the west of Spain.

2.What other nations border the country?
West Spain border the country.

3.What kid of landscape does the country have?
There isn't any desert, there are mountains at th north of the Tagus River and rollings plains in both.

4.Are there any natural hazards?
Azores can produce earthquakes.


1.What is the most common sector of employment in the country (i.e. business, agriculture and farming, goverment, jobs, etc)
The most common sector of employment are services (60%) for example teachers and lawyer

2.What is the uemployment rate in your country ( by percentage)?
The unemployment rate in my country is 9.5% in 2009

3.What is the biggest export partner Portugal has?
The biggest export partner is Spain with 26.25%

The most surprising thing I learned about my country was :
That in Prtugal Azores can produce earthquakes