This page has been created by Jorge Rico, student from IES Parque de Lisboa (Alcorcón, Spain)

My country facts

General Information

Official country name:


Year that country joined the UN:



Where is the country? (i.e. continent and region, for example Central Europe or North Africa)
The country is located in Southeastern Europe.
What other nations border the country?
The nations that border Romania are : Bulgaria (608 km), Hungary (443 km), Moldova (450 km), Serbia (476 km) and Ukraine (362 km).
What climate does the country have?
The country have a cold, cloudy winters wiht frequent snow and fog. Sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms.


What is the most common sector of employment in the country ( i.e. business, agriculture and farming, governmentjobs, etc).
The most common sector is the agriculture.
What is the unemployment rate in your country (by percentage)?.
Unemployment in Romania was at 3,9 % in septembre.
What is the money called currenly in Romania?
The money is called Leu.


What are the people from the country called( i.e. Mali-Malian, Spain-Spanish).
The people from Romania are called Romanians.
What is the official language? What other languages do people speak?
The official language is Romanian. Other languages are: Hungarian, German, Turkish, Crimean Tatar, Greek, Croatian, Macedonian, Ukranian and Serbian.
What is the most-practiced religion?
Romania no have national religion, but the most practiced religion is the Romanian Orthodox Church.
What is the most populated city of Romania?
It is Bucarest, wich is also the capital of Romania.


What is the name of the leader of the country?
The name of the leader is Train Basescu.
What type of government is the country ruled by (i.e. monarchy, democracy,dictatorship?)
It is a democratic government.
What are the main political parties of the country (socialist party, communist party, green party, republicans, democrats, etc?)
Conservative Party, Democratic Liberal Party, Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania.
Was your cuntry ever a colony? If so, when did it gain its independence?
It got independence in 9 may, Romania independence from the Ottoman Empire.