During the Early Modern Age there were several reasons that led to what is known as the Age of Explorations. Spain was aware of this reasons: the Crown of Castile has ended the Reconquest so it had a professionarl army ready to conquer more territories to increase the Crown's power; the Catholic Monarchs were interested in finding a new route to the Spices land as spices were needed to preserve food and they were expensive; the Catholic Monarchs were also interested on spreading Christianity.

Because of that on the year 1492, Spain was ready to support expeditions that would explore, conquer and colonize territories around the world.

1. Christopher Columbus' discovers America
2. The Conquistadors are sent to America to explore, conquer and colonised those territories.
3. Magellan's and ElCano's expedition complete the first circumnavigation of the world discovering the Philipine Islands and proving that the world was round.

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